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Executive MBA Program
The Telfer Executive MBA delivers a world-class business education that is global, practical and relevant by design. Through consulting projects, international travel and exposure to business leaders, the program complements learning in the classroom with applied, real-world experience to prepare candidates to succeed. Experienced professionals benefit from the one-day-per-week class schedule that supports career progression and the opportunity to rapidly integrate new concepts on the job. MORE DETAILS

♦ % Program Name : Telfer Executive MBA- University of Ottawa

♦ Average Years Work: 16 (years)

♦ Accredited by: University of Ottawa

♦ Average Programme Duration: 20 (months)

♦ Average Total Tuition Fees: $59,500 (Canadian Dollars)

♦ Total Alumni : 783

♦ Class Size : 27

♦ International Trip : Required

♦ Average Management Experience : Not Available

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